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Managed Threat Hunting

AI-powered Managed Threat Hunting for 24/7 protection and threat intelligence insights

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Managed Threat hunting

AI Cyber Experts Managed Threat handling Service is designed to take the burden of threat management off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our service is powered by a team of highly skilled forensic analysts who work 24x7x365 to conduct in-depth investigations and provide a detailed timeline of attack activity derived from endpoint forensics. The team includes analysis of artifacts and provides threat neutralization support during Incident Response to contain any possible breaches.

With our service, you can expect actionable intelligence and insights from our exhaustive monitoring, which enables us to identify threats and provide alerts to you. Our team of cybersecurity experts continuously hunts through generated logs looking for anomalous and suspicious activity across your organization, baselining for known good behavior and alerting you on deviations. We also provide threat intelligence integrated with deep insights into the dark web, and our Xcitium Verdict Cloud conducts multiple arrays of run-time behavioral analysis against unknown files to provide a verdict of safe quickly and automatically. With our continuous security coverage, you can rest assured that your environment is constantly monitored and protected.