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Penetrating Testing

AI Cyber Experts offers comprehensive penetration testing services, identifying vulnerabilities and improving security posture for businesses

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Penetration Testing

At AI Cyber Experts, we offer comprehensive penetration testing services to help businesses identify and address vulnerabilities in their systems and applications. Our team of experienced security experts use a variety of testing methods and industry-standard frameworks to provide a realistic assessment of an organization’s security posture.

In black box method, where our team is given no prior knowledge of the system or application. This method simulates a real-world attack and allows us to uncover vulnerabilities that may not be detected by traditional vulnerability scans or security audits. This approach gives businesses a clear understanding of their security risks and allows them to prioritize and address the most critical issues.

In the white box method, where our team will be interacting with clients and gather detailed information about their system or application, including network diagrams, source code, and configuration files. This method allows us to focus on specific areas of the system and test the system’s security controls more thoroughly. This method is useful when a business has a specific area of concern or focus and want to deep dive into it

We also use gray box method, which is a combination of both black and white box method. This approach allows us to use techniques such as scanning, probing, and social engineering to gather information and identify vulnerabilities while also focusing on specific areas of the system. This approach gives a more holistic view of the system.

Additionally, we use targeted testing method where we focus on specific vulnerabilities or attack scenarios that are most relevant to the business. This approach can be useful for businesses that have a specific compliance requirement or regulatory standard to meet.