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Web MobileCloud & API Penetration testing

Red teaming services for vulnerability detection and simulated attack scenarios. Customizable scanning, notifications, and industry-specific threat simulation for improved cybersecurity.

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Cloud, Mobile API and Web Red teaming

Our Cloud, Mobile API and Web security scanning and Red Teaming offering provides comprehensive security for your digital assets. Our premium security scanning allows for unlimited scans of your APIs and microservices for OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities, with the ability to customize authentication including SSO and MFA. Our multi-cloud attack surface management provides a helicopter view of your cloud security posture, detecting any shadow cloud resources or unwarranted usage that may violate compliance requirements. Our mobile security scanning detects OWASP Mobile Top 10 weaknesses in all your mobile apps. Our on-demand web application penetration testing conducts highly customizable Red Teaming exercises tailored to your cybersecurity strategy and specific cyber threat landscape.