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Managed CyberSecurity as a Services

Our Managed IT Security as a Service (MSSP) which provides businesses of all sizes with fully managed cybersecurity solutions

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AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service (MSSP)

At AI Cyber Experts as an MSSP company, we understand the critical importance of protecting businesses against cyber threats and the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face in filling the security gap. Our Managed cybersecurity as a Service (MSSP) offers a fully managed solution that covers endpoints to cloud and network to data. Our Managed cybersecurity services includes real-time monitoring, cyber incident response and forensic, proactive threat hunting, Compliance Reporting, Security Information & Event Management, Patented Auto Containment Technology, Integrated AI/ML Threat Intel & Indicators, NGAV Static & Behavioral AI Threat Prevention, Host Intrusion Prevention System, cloud sandbox, Endpoint detection and response, Mobile device security, patch management, virtual desktop, isolated browser, email security, attack surface reduction, 24/7/365 SOC service, 365 days Log storage, live remediation support, Customer success manager, and more, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of cybersecurity protection to ensure that our clients’ data and systems remain secure. Our team of experts is constantly monitoring emerging cyber risks and developing effective strategies to keep your company secure, so you can focus on growing your business. By providing an end-to-end security solution, businesses can outsource the management and maintenance of their cybersecurity to our team of experts, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective approach to you IT security.

People, Process, ZeroThreat Technology

AI Cyber Experts’ Managed Security as a Service (MSSP) extends across endpoints to continuously monitor, manage, and connect the dots across your entire XDR technology stack. Our Kernel-level ZeroDwell virtualization, powered by Xcitium, is a pre-emptive prevention technology that precedes XDR detection and response by containing unknowns and potential attacks at runtime.

24/7/365 Continuous Monitoring

AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service 24/7/365 Continuous Monitoring rely on our 24x7x365 team of highly skilled SOC analysts to conduct in-depth investigations. Receive threat notifications for attacker activity, malicious programs, & suspicious behavior with AI Cyber Experts’ Managed Security as a Service.

Threat Intelligence Integrations

AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service Threat Intelligence Integrations benefit from highly refined internal & external threat intelligence feeds to alert or block Indicators of Compromise. Incorporate your internal intelligence into AI Cyber Experts Enterprise Platform for added coverage. Our Verdict Cloud powered by Xcitium integration checks on process execution via hash submission and delivers static analysis, kill-chain reporting, & human reverse engineering.

Proactive Threat Hunting

AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service Proactive Threat Hunting. our team of highly trained cybersecurity experts will continuously hunt through generated logs looking for anomalous and suspicious activity across your organization. Your environment will be baselined for known good behavior and AI Cyber Experts ZeroThreat powered by Xcitium will alert you on deviations outside those recorded patterns. Collected endpoint telemetry also provides threat hunters with the foundation they need to find stealthy, novel attacks.

Incident Response

AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service Incident Response. Our Incident Response team is readily available to conduct in-depth forensic investigations. Receive a detailed timeline of attack activity derived from digital forensics. After a breach or incident, our team guides you through the next best steps to protect your endpoints, network, and assets. This includes threat neutralization and remediation support.

Real-Time Response & Reporting

AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service Real-Time Response & Reporting. Our Enterprise platform enables our responders to automate the forensic collection process, block activity in real-time, isolate endpoints from the network, execute custom commands, and provide live responses to your remote systems for remediation.

Frequently asked questions

a: Why is AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service 24/7 Coverage Important?

Cyber threats don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. Our experts closely monitor your environment 24x7x365 and respond to threats regardless of your time zone or location. This ensures your business is always protected.

b: How Can AI Cyber Experts Extend My Team?

Managing security events and analysis can be time-consuming. By offloading these tasks to us, your team can focus on other organizational needs. Consider us an extension of your team, providing expert cybersecurity services.

c: What is Alert Fatigue and How Can AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service Help?

Alert fatigue occurs when there are too many security alerts for a team to handle, causing important threats to be missed. We provide high fidelity notifications on file-less attacks, advanced persistent threats, and privilege escalation attempts, helping to eliminate alert fatigue.

d: How Does AI Cyber Experts Managed Cybersecurity Service use Threat Intelligence?

Our Verdict Cloud conducts multiple arrays of run-time behavioral analysis against unknown files to provide a verdict of safe or malicious quickly and automatically. This proactive approach helps to identify and neutralize threats before they can impact your business.

e: What is Incident Investigation and Why is it Important?

Incident investigation involves the forensic acquisition of digital evidence and detailed timeline analysis for root cause identification. This process is crucial for understanding how a security incident occurred and how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

f: Why is Detailed Reporting Necessary?

Detailed reporting provides insights into threat activity affecting your environment, vulnerability management, and compliance reporting. These reports help you understand your security posture and make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy.

g: What all included in AI Cyber Experts Managed Cyber security as a service?

  • Endpoint protection
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Network detection and response
  • Endpoint sandboxing service
  • Host-based firewall
  • Host-based IPS
  • Cloud detection and response
  • Zero trust solution for unknowns
  • Website Security
  • Mail Security​​
  • Log management and monitoring of AD, Firewall, PAM, SSO, etc.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of logs and suspicious activities
  • Incident response and forensic support included without additional cost
  • Vulnerability and patch management solution
  • Professional support with experience in the similar industries
  • Cybersecurity awareness training to all employees and simulate their competency
  • Customer success manager service